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I am writing a letter of inquiry to an english language school in a spanish speaking country and I'm not sure of the best language to use. I've got the "Estimada Sra. ____" part and that's about it. What are the best ways to say the following:

open/available positions for english teachers - should I say "estoy escribiendo para preguntar acerca de puestos de enseñar" (puestos abiertos?) Is preguntar the best word for 'inquire' or is informarse a better choice?

How do I describe my degrees? Does one say "tengo un título/licenciatura de ___" ? or is it more correct to say "Soy licenciado en _____"?

How does one correctly state that you have a master's degree in xyz? is it "Soy maestria de ____" or do you say "tengo un título maetrio de _____"

Otras sugerencias para escribir cartas de negocios?

muchas gracias!
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    Fri, April 1, 2005 - 1:23 PM
    'preguntar' is better. and...

    '...preguntar acerca de LOS puestos PARA ense ñar ingles'... would be better, too.

    saying "tengo titulo" is more 'universally' undertood... "licenciatura" is mostly used in Central America.

    and you'd also say... 'tengo una maestria en...'

    and, Sra... is for saying SeñorA... so you're saying "ma'am"

    I'd put... 'A quien pueda interesar' which is 'To whom it may concern'.

    I'm the one who goes the the resumes here where I work when we hire new teachers, and we only interview those whose resumes are in English, and we hire them depending on how well they are able to speak both English and Spansh in the interview.
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      Re: cartas profesionales/de negocios

      Fri, April 1, 2005 - 2:01 PM
      Thanks Sara. In this case I'm actually writing to a specific person, and I know it's a woman, so I thought I'd go with Estimada Sra.

      So do you think it's better for me to just write to them in English and mention that I speak/am learning spanish? I guess they're more concerned about my ability to communicate in English, since I'm looking for a position teaching it.
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        Re: cartas profesionales/de negocios

        Wed, April 6, 2005 - 1:03 PM
        Donde trabajas? Puedes decirme un poco más sobre lo que buscas en un profesor de ingles? -- es necesario tener certificado de TEFL, o solo buscas una persona con experiencia y el deseo de enseñar?

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